Dinosaurs at the Pittsburgh Zoo

Dinosaurs at the Pittsburgh Zoo


Imagine a trip way back in time to a prehistoric era when larger-than-life dinosaurs reigned supreme and roamed the same earth that we now call home. Books and videos illustrate how impressive dinosaurs were, bellowing through jungles as they swung and swayed their massive bodies, but their awe-inspiring grandeur has mostly been left up to the mind’s eye – until now.

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Open Memorial Day through October 1
9:00 AM - 5 PM
Entrance and exit next to the Education Complex.
Adult: $6, Members $5
Child: $5, Members $4
Children under 24 months receive free admission.

This exciting add-on experience has been extended and will be open through October 1!  Dinosaurs at the Pittsburgh Zoo offers an add-on experience for dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages the opportunity to come face-to-face with 18 fascinating reptilian giants of the past. A jaw-dropping tyrannosaurus-rex roars and stomps with life-like intensity just feet away from passing visitors, showing exactly why this giant earned a name that means “tyrant lizard king”. Nearby, the more docile stegosaurus grazes on the plants that make up its diet. The lesser known, yet fierce dilophosaurus looms over visitors as its baby watches, spraying water that represents this dinosaur’s venomous toxin. The suchomimus, iguanodon, and a pair of coelophysis linger nearby.

Towering above guests, a brachiosaurus swings its thick tail as it searches for tasty foliage in high locations. Another herbivore, the stegosaurus, vocalizes as it searches for delicious plants much closer to the ground, as this is suited for its short, yet long stature. Other dinosaur species, including the pachyrhinosaurus, elaphrosaurus, and edmontonia, await guests along the pathway.

Dinosaurs at the Pittsburgh Zoo is more than animatronics. State-of-the-art software paired with cutting-edge robotics allows each dinosaur to display very detailed, life-like movements the way each species did when it roamed the planet. The diversity of behaviors from grandiose to nuanced that are exhibited by each dinosaur goes far beyond giving a general concept of what these animals looked and moved like; it portrays unique personalities, features, and movements so each guest can feel a personal connection with these extinct beasts.

The immersive environment in which the dinosaurs are placed is tucked away from the classic Zoo path that visitors have come to know and love. The dinosaur experience features life-sized, realistic dinosaurs among exotic and native foliage. This stunning backdrop of forest and jungle plant life further instills a sense of wonderment of a very different planet of the past.

Beyond the dinosaurs, guests can see, touch, and feel replica artifacts that represent the archetypes by which our world now knows the lost giants. Hands-on elements ranging from giant bones to tiny fossils bridge the gap across millennia, offering a tactile reminder of how our species has come to know the dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs at the Pittsburgh Zoo offers the rare opportunity to see life-size, realistic dinosaurs in an immersive environment without leaving the steel city. Whether a citipati strikes your fancy, an edmontonia is out of this world, or you think the t-rex is terrific, don’t miss the add-on experience.