Alligator Lizard Conservation

The Alligator Lizard Conservation project focuses on the continued conservation of this critically endangered Campbell’s alligator lizard and its highly degraded habitat in Jalapa, Guatemala.

To help save this key species, this conservation project focuses on the following objectives and goals:

1. Creation and integration of a mixed-use forest that will benefit both the environment and the areas human inhabitants: The emphasis will center on continuation (Phase II) of our reforestation program to complete the reforestation of the riparian habitat on all eight farms in the area (4 farms, 8,000 trees planted in 2015 in Phase I) and creation of the second community managed forest (10,000 trees) designed for sustainable use of wood recourses for community needs; especially heating and cooking fuel. The first forest was created in 2015 with the planting of 10,000 trees.

2. Awareness and conservation education that will cement the skills needed to manage the forest in the short and long-term:  These will engender an atmosphere of conservation and community pride and to allow for participation in the process for the children of all 12 communities within the range of the project.