Giant Armadillo Conservation Program


The Giant Armadillo (Priodontes maximus) is a rare, highly endangered species about which very little information was available. Since 2010, the Giant Armadillo Conservation Project (GACP) has been successfully working in the Brazilian Pantanal conducting groundbreaking research and raising conservation awareness. The project is now expanding to the heavily impacted Cerrado biome, a biodiversity hotspot recently targeted by the government for the creation of protected areas.


Thanks to GACP´s outreach and communication efforts, giant armadillos were selected as an indicator species for mapping priority areas for habitat conservation. While continuing collecting long term data in the Pantanal, the project will work hard to ensure conservation of both armadillos and their habitat in the Cerrado by providing state authorities with a detailed distribution map of the last remaining populations of giant armadillos.

Next Steps

Communication, education, and capacity building efforts will be continued and expanded. Through research, its dissemination and lobbying the Cerrado expansion of the GACP aims to stimulate the creation of protected areas and proper management of native habitats in the Cerrado biome of MS to the benefit of the giant armadillo, the regional stakeholders and all the Cerrado biodiversity.

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