Sea Turtle Second Chance Program

Sea Turtle Second Chance Program

Every year, hundreds of sea turtles are beached or stranded in cold water due to injury, disease, illness, or environmental threats.

Our Sea Turtle Second Chance Program is helping to change their stories by giving sea turtles a second chance through rescue, veterinary care, rehabilitation, and release back into the wild.

Nestled within the PPG Aquarium, the Zoo’s sea turtle rehabilitation center provides world-class care with the goal of release and a renewed hope for survival for every turtle.

A few years ago, the rehabilitation center welcomed a green sea turtle named Harbor. Harbor was hit by a boat propeller in a waterway in Florida. The strike severed his spine, shattered his pelvis, and paralyzed his back flippers. With such extensive injuries, it was determine that Harbor was a non-releasable turtle and he has now become our resident green sea turtle.

Almost all of our sea turtles that come in through the Sea Turtle Second Chance Program do, however, make a full recovery and return to the ocean.
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